Disk Recovery Mac

Disk Recovery Mac Tool

  • Award winning Mac hard disk recovery software for restoring  lost / deleted data on Mac OS X when other software fails
  • Retrieves all types files and folders from formatted / reformatted Mac hard drive
  • Capable to perform hard drive recovery Mac data even when a particular volume fails to mount or only partially operates
  • Supports disk recovery Mac from different hard drives like SATA, ATA, PATA, SCSI, IDE etc. on both Intel and Power PC Mac computers
  • Efficient hard drive recovery Mac computers with Mac OS X 10.5 and above including latest version Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

Lost valuable data from your Mac hard drive??? Want a solution to perform disk recovery mac???

Then Disk Recovery Mac provides you just one click solution!!!!!!!

Mac hard disk recovery offers highly efficient and specialized in data recovery software to perform hard drive recovery Mac OS X Lion and previous versions. To restore files on Mac OS X refer here. In addition to that it provides a simple and intuitive interface that can be easily operated by a  naïve user to recover Mac disk data. That is why the Disk Recovery Mac software is highly reviewed and recommended by most of the Industry Experts and it has a huge number of passionate customers all over the world. Read further to know how to perform disk recovery Mac and about the growing popularity of this software.

The software is one of the best Disk Recovery Mac software for all types of data loss from hard drive on Mac OS X

Most Frequent Data loss scenarios on Mac Machine:

  • Boot Partition Corruption: Every Mac machine has its own boot volume which holds the critical file systems that are required for the Mac machine to boot up. The boot volume of your Mac machine contains files such as Master Boot Record (MBR), Mac OS X operating system, Mac OS X Boot loader, BootX, operating system kernel. In case the boot partition gets corrupted or damaged due to any reason, then the whole system becomes unbootable hence unusable leading to critical data loss. The reasons may be a sudden power failure, operating system malfunction, accidental deletion of some critical files by the user etc.
  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are like nightmares for data stored on the hard drive. This is because; bad sector can affect the important data stored on the hard drive, it increases the system crash chances if the bad sectors are continuously read and the bad sectors may decrease the life of the hard drive. Bad sectors may create on the hard drive due to any physical damage received such as the head of the hard drive making contact with the drive platters resulting in shocks and vibrations.
  • Formatting the hard drive: Improper formatting or accidentally formatting the hard drive leads to data loss. Formatting the hard drive without taking a proper data backup or any error encountered during the formatting procedure can make the formatting process improper leading to data loss from the hard drive. If it happened, then opt for disk recovery mac to recover data even after format.
  • Disk Error: In some scenarios of Mac disk corruption, the user may encounter the following error messages:
    " Not an HFS volume"
    "Internal file system error"
    "Cannot access the drive because a disk error occurred"
    "The disk drive cannot be accessed because a disk error occurred"

The above errors might have occurred due to file system corruption, corrupt hard drive directory, incorrect permission on the system files etc.

Specialized features of Disk Recovery Mac software:

  • Mac hard disk recovery recovers data from the formatted hard drive most efficiently.
  • Efficient and safe HFS partition recovery can be done by using this Disk Recovery Software.
  • Disk Recovery Mac software retrieves data inaccessible due to disk error or boot partition error.
  • Retrieve data from damaged hard disk drive on Mac Operating System after serious corruption of Journal file, abrupt system shutdown and due to presence of bad sectors in hard disk. Check this page out for more query and answers relating to damaged hard disk recovery.
  • Disk Recovery Mac creates disk images to bypass the bad sectors on the hard drive. You can restore the data from the disk image later.
  • Its Universal Binary application supports both Intel as well as Power PC Mac platforms.
  • Disk Recovery Mac also recover files after emptying Trash.

Supported Storage Devices:

  1. Western Digital (like WD VelociRaptor 600GB 3.5" Hard Drive, WD Caviar Green WD20EARX 2 TB Internal Hard Drive etc.)
  2. Samsung  (such as Samsung 830 Series 256 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive, Samsung MZ-7PC256D 256 GB Internal Solid State Drive etc.)
  3. Seagate (such as Seagate Barracuda ES ST3750640NS 750 GB Internal Hard Drive, Seagate Cheetah 15K.7 ST3300657SS 300 GB Internal Hard Drive etc.)
  4. OCZ Technology (like OCZ Technology Agility 3 Internal 60GB 2.5" Solid State Drive, OCZ Technology Agility 3 Internal 120GB 2.5 Solid State Drive (SATA) etc.)
  5. Maxtor (like Maxtor MaXLine II 5A320J0 320GB Hard Drive, Maxtor DiamondMax 16 160 GB Internal Hard Drive etc.) and many more popular hard drive brands.

Steps to be taken after losing data from the Mac hard drive:

This section determines the restoration chances of the lost data from your hard drive. Technically speaking, the lost data remain intact to the hard drive even after being lost / inaccessible to the user. The lost data can never be retrieved if they are overwritten with some new content. Therefore, you should follow the instructions below in order to avoid permanent data loss.

  • Do not write any new data to the hard drive or do not install any software on the hard drive. This is because the lost data may get overwritten due to the installation / writing of new data. You can install the retrieval software on any other healthy computer’s hard drive and just connect the affected hard drive as a slave to carry out Mac data recovery.
  • Do not reboot the hard drive again and again to check whether you can recover documents on Mac as it may lead you to permanent loss of files. You can check http://www.diskrecoverymac.com/documents.html page to extract more info on document recovery in terms of loss
  • Make sure that the software you are using for data retrieval performs read only operation to the data during the recovery procedure.
  • You should not save the retrieved data anywhere in the affected hard drive.

Recent Updates:

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Mac Hard Drive Failure Recovery: There are several reasons such as file system corruption, damaged MBR, severe virus attack, bad sectors etc., which results in Mac hard drive failure. But by utilizing Disk Recovery Mac Software you can easily recover data form failed Mac hard drive. To know more about Mac hard drive failure recovery, visit: http://www.diskrecoverymac.com/hard-drive-failure.html.

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Steps for recovering data using Disk Recovery Mac software:

  1. Download and Install the demo version of Disk Recovery Mac software and install it on any healthy computer. Connect the affected hard drive to that Mac computer. After launching the software successfully, choose “Recover Volumes / Drives” option from the main screen to retrieve Mac disk data.
  2. Disk Recovery Mac

  3. Then select “Volume Recovery” from the next windows. Then select the connected hard drive as the volume from which data are to be retrieved and click on “Next” to proceed.
  4. Disk Recovery Mac

  5. After you clicked on “Next” the disk restoration process will start. After the disk restoration finishes, you can view all the data retrieved from the hard drive along with their details.
  6. Disk Recovery Mac

Tips to avoid data loss in the future:

  • Back up your important files regularly
  • Do not try to disassemble your hard drive on your own
  • Do not store your important files on the volume where the operating system is installed.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users