Find an Easy Way to Recover Files after Emptying Mac OS X Trash Folder

Have you ever dragged some important files to Mac Trash bin and then right clicked the Empty Trash option by accident, but later found you have made a huge mistake and wondering if there is a way to recover erased files?

For those who have a Mac machine, Trash Bin is not strange to them. And you also know that the items you sent to Trash Bin are still recoverable. What you need to do is just to press Command+Z. But what happens if you accidentally emptied the Trash and with that all the files present in the Trash are erased. The common mistake may put you in a great loss.

Some users who do not know about the actual file removal process think that emptying the Trash means removing the files permanently. Actually the files deleted by emptying Trash bin are not gone permanently. Data recovery on Mac OS X Lion or older versions is possible as long as the files are not overwritten.

Want to know what happens after Emptying the Trash Bin?

When you emptied Trash bin, what you actually deleted is not the file itself. The operating system just loses the access to the file, because the pointers between files and their index are deleted. The space occupied by deleted files is marked as available and re-usable to store new files, so the deleted files remain physically intact on the drive until they are overwritten by other files. So, you have great chances to recover deleted files from emptied Mac Trash.

Then what should you do to get the files back?

Disk Recovery Mac software can recover files after emptying Trash in very efficiently. It can undelete documents, images, videos, songs that were deleted when you emptied your Trash. You do not require any kind of deep technical knowledge to recover files after emptying Trash on your Mac system. With the user-friendly interface, you can perform HDD recovery with this Disk Recovery Mac software just by a few mouse-clicks. Moreover, Disk Recovery Mac tool enables user to retrieve data from USB hard drive at your fingertips.

Features like "Preview" option makes this software a best utility to restore documents and other items deleted from Mac Trash.To know how to restore word files, visit this link: Advanced Scan gives the facility to search for the deleted files based on their signature i.e. file types. Suppose you just want to recover videos, you can select the extensions and the software will search for only the mentioned file types. This saves your time as you will not restore any unwanted files. Go to to know how can find all lost missing excel files along with other types of files after virus infection, unintentional formatting, abrupt system shutdown when file is open, unintentional deletion using Mac Disk recovery tool. It also enables user to perform formatted drive recovery in just a few steps. Another main feature of this software is that it allows user to "Preview" picture before restoring it. This helps in restoring the right file. If you have a corrupted volume/partition on your Mac OS X hard drive with HFS+ or HFSX file systems, then see HFS partition recovery. To learn more about recovery on HFS partition visit

Please note If the signature or the file type you are looking for is not available in the list, you can add it by clicking Add/Edit Signature option.

Follow the steps to recover files after emptying Trash:

  1. Download & install Disk Recovery Mac. On the main screen click "Recover Files" to retrieve files like documents, pictures, tracks, videos, rar files, exe files, etc.
  2. Recover files after emptying Trash - Main Screen

  3. On the next screen you will find two options "Recover Deleted Files" & "Recover Lost Files". Click on "Recover Deleted Files".
  4. Recover files after emptying Trash - Select volume

  5. Select the volume from which you want to recover the deleted files in the next screen.
  6. Recover files after emptying Trash - Select volume

  7. After the scanning is completed, a list of recovered data is listed. Save the recovered data in the destination you want.
  8. Recover files after emptying Trash - Preview restored data

The software contains an option called "Save Recovery Session" which enables you to continue the recovery process without scanning the hard drive again.

Helpful Tip: Before clicking on 'Empty Trash', check if you have anything important in your trash.