Mac Hard Drive Failure Recovery

The computer which runs on Mac OS is called as Mac computer. Mac computer is very reliable and more secure compared to Windows systems as it is not more prone to virus attack. Mac hard drive comes with huge storage capacity on which one can store any type of data including media files, system files, program files and more. But sometimes, you may not be able to access any of your Mac data due to hard drive failure. Mac hard drive gets failed or crashed due to various reasons.

Well, if the file system of your Mac drive gets corrupted or damaged due any of the reason, then there are chances for Mac hard drive failure, and as a result you won’t be able to fetch or access your Mac hard drive data. Usually in this kind of situations, you may get tensed and start querying “how to recover failed Mac hard drive data? Is it possible to perform Mac hard drive failure recovery? If yes, then which is the best application for recovering data from failed Mac hard drive?” etc. However, now you don’t have to be worried about Mac hard drive failure recovery because, this recovery operation can be effortlessly done by using an advanced tool named as Disk Recovery Mac Software. This effective application has been built with excellent features that helps you to perform data recovery Mac hard drive failure in an efficient way. It is the finest utility to recover files from damaged hard disk on Mac computers.

Causes for Mac hard drive failure:

  • Bad Sectors: Bad sector is a damaged storage space, and the data stored on it becomes inaccessible. But if bad sectors increase in number or grow larger, then it may leads to hard drive failure which intern results in data loss from Mac machine.
  • Frequent OS Re-installation: Mac hard drive gets failed or becomes inaccessible if you perform frequent OS re-installation on it. This leads to huge loss of data from Mac computer.
  • Severe Virus Attack: Mac systems are less prone to virus attack, but if deadly or malicious virus programs enters into Mac computer, then there are chances that it may delete some required system files due which Mac hard drive gets failed and become inaccessible.
  • Other Causes: The other causes that may results in Mac hard drive failure are power surge, aged hard drive, partition table corruption, damaged MBR, use of unreliable third party application, volume map corruption and more.

The above mentioned scenarios are the common reasons for Mac hard drive failure. Anyhow, you no need to bother about any of these drive failure scenarios as by using Disk Recovery Mac software you will easily get to know how to recover failed Mac hard drive data within couple of minutes.

Outstanding features of Disk Recovery Mac Software:

Disk Recovery Mac is a powerful and most reliable application which has been highly rated and recommended by industry experts to perform Mac hard drive failure recovery. It has capability to recover all types of files folders from Mac hard drive. This efficient tool has ability to perform data recovery Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, Mavericks etc. With the help of this utility you can recover more than 280 file types including photos, videos, music files, system files, documents etc. It even supports recovery data from HFS, FAT and HFSX volumes. It has strong scanning programs and easy intuitive user interface that helps to know how to recover failed Mac hard drive data within a short duration of time. Other than Mac hard drive failure recovery, it can also recover data from formatted or corrupted data. It even restore data deleted from Mac Trash. This program has potential to retrieve lost or deleted volumes. After the completion of recovery process, it allow you to preview restored data prior to restoration.

Procedure to retrieve data from failed hard drive Mac:

  1. Download the software and start installing it on your Mac computer. Once you complete the process, launch the software and on first window select “Recover Volumes/Drives” option.
  2. Mac Hard Drive Failure Recovery - Main Window

  3. On next screen select “Volumes Recovery” option. Next, the software asks you to select the failed Mac hard drive from which you have to retrieve data. Select the volume and click “Next” option.
  4. Mac Hard Drive Failure Recovery - Select Failed Mac Hard Drive

  5. The tool scans the entire drive and provides you with a list of restored files, select the required file and save it back to your system after purchase.
  6. Mac Hard Drive Failure Recovery - Preview Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users