How to recover data from WD external drive?

Western Digital external hard drive is one of the popular external storage devices. It is praised for its stability, consistency, high storage capacity, high speed and good compatibility. It is a good choice for keeping backup of important files that may go missing due to human errors or technical errors. But as accident can happen anytime you cannot spare files from this excellent featured drive from loss. That moment the only question that will come in your mind will be "how to recover WD external hard drive data?"

Let us consider a situation in which the only question that will arise is "How to recover data from WD external drive?"

“I kept all my important documents and other stuff in my WD external hard drive. One day I plugged the drive in to my computer & went to other room for doing some work. When I came back to my computer, it is displaying a message that the files are lost from the drive. I clicked on the drive and found that there are no files in the drive. Then I unplugged it & plugged it back again. Now my Mac computer is unable to recognize it. Then I turned the system off and then on the system again, now it is making a sound like it is starting to spin up, but then it is making a funny ‘whir’ sound. I don’t know what to do. I cannot access files & it contains important files related to my office work. Anyhow I want them back. Can anyone tell me how to recover WD external hard drive data?"

Are you the one facing this case? If yes, then you will get solution by reading this article. Let us see some more reasons due to which you may lose files from the drive. Some of them are:

  • Format errors: A dialogue box may display on your Mac computer "The drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" sometimes when you connect WD external hard drive in your system.  The reason behind this error message is due to corruption of the external HDD. When you receive this message if you click ‘Yes’ then your drive will be free from errors but all files that are present in it will get completely deleted.

  • Interruption during transfer process: While transferring files from external hard drive to your system or vice versa if there is any kind of interruption then there is a chance of data loss. Power failure, system error, synchronization error, etc. are some of the factors that are responsible for creating an interruption during the transferring process. These facts are the reasons that halt the copying process in between resulting in loss of files from WD external hard disk.

  • Abruptly removal: If you pull out the external hard drive abruptly from your Mac system in between the transferring process without proper exit option then there is a high chance of losing some of your files. Abnormal removal of external drive from Mac machine may also corrupt your device resulting in loss of files.

By using Mac disk recovery tool you can know how to recover WD external hard drive data. It is designed with in built algorithms with the help of which you can recover files that are lost due to deletion operation, drive corruption or formatted external hard disk. You can also recover files after emptying trash by mistake within a few clicks. It also provides recovery of files from the hard drive that are formatted with HFS, HFS +, HFS X, etc. You can also recover files from other storage devices other than external hard drive like USB drive, Fire Wire drives, iPod devices, memory cards, etc. Go to more info about USB drive file recovery.

How to recover data from WD external drive?

1. Download Mac Disk Recovery Software & then install it. Run the application manually and then select “Recover Volumes/Drives” option from first screen.

How to Recover WD External Hard Drive Data - Main Page

Fig 1: Main Screen

2. On the next screen you will find two options & you need to select “Volume Recovery” option. Next, select the drive from where you lost your files. Then start the recovery program.

How to Recover WD External Hard Drive Data - Select Drive

Fig 2: Choose WD Drive Screen

3. After the completion of the recovery process the tool provides a window with list of recovered files .

How to Recover WD External Hard Drive Data - Recovered Results

Fig 3: Data View Screen

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For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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